Trick Photography and Special Effects [Video Course and E-Book]

Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

9 hours of online video and 300 ebook pages of extreme photography education exploring trick photography and special effects

Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

9 hours of video and 300 e-book pages of extreme photography education.

Trick Photography & Special Effects (2nd Edition) - Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won't believe... It comes with over 270 pages of instruction and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists worldwide. 

Inside the course, you will learn things like...

  • How to create stunning special effects images that other people simply won't even understand - they'll think you've spent hours with Photoshop, but in reality they're just regular photos...
  • How to create images of objects that appear to levitate in mid-air
  • How to use laser pens, flashlights, fire torches, external flash units, LED strips, and other household items to create spectacular light painting effects
  • How to use infra-red light to enhance color
  • How to capture beautiful High Dynamic Range nature or landscape shots with amazing detail
  • How to capture bubble images with fantastic swirling rainbow color
  • How to create amazing 360 degree panoramic shots
  • The secret behind stitching and stacking multiple light paintings together
  • How to manipulate shadows to create various illusions
  • How to use Layer Masks in Adobe Photoshop software to create complex photomanipulations
  • How to put "the invisible man" into your pictures
  • How to freeze motion and take crystal clear high-speed photographs
  • How to take 3D images with your camera
  • How to capture amazing star and star trail shots at night
  • Why your flatbed scanner is the key to some of the coolest, wackiest pictures you've ever seen
  • Bonus: Advice on flashes and how how to use them to beautifully light up your subject
  • Bonus: Advice and recommendations for filters and Photoshop plug-ins
  • Bonus: How to market stock photographs and art photographs in order to sell them for profit
  • Bonus: General advice on adjusting camera settings so you can take a great photo using any camera in any situation
  • and much more...

This amazing guide will show you exactly how to break through the ranks of "ordinary" photographers and become the person who takes shots that amaze everybody.

This course is broken down into three modules:

Module 1: Light Painting and Long Exposure Effects

Module 2: Trick Photography and Special Effects

Module 3: Photoshop Projects (Requires Adobe Photoshop)

What you’ll learn

  • Light Painting Photography
  • Trick Photography, Special Effects, and Optical Illusions that do not require Adobe Photoshop software
  • High-Speed Photography using External Flash Units
  • Slow-Speed Photography Techniques (Long Exposure Photography)
  • Infrared Photography
  • 3D Photography
  • HDR Photography
  • Smoke Photography
  • Bubble Photography
  • The Droste Effect
  • Star Trails
  • Steel Wool
  • Adobe Photoshop Photomanipulations
  • 360x180 Panoramas
  • The Invisible Man
  • Levitation Photography
  • Layer Masks
  • Multiplicity Photography
  • Multiple Exposure Photography

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • For all Course Modules: Have a DSLR camera or a camera that has manual control over the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance
  • Only for Module 3: Adobe Photoshop CS2 or above, or Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 or above

Who this course is for:

  • Creative photographers
  • Night photographers
  • Adobe Photoshop Beginners
  • Photographers of all skill levels

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